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The Cincinnati Royals AAU youth basketball organization was founded by Tom Sunderman in 1993, starting with just one boys team. Since then the boys program has grown to have over 20 teams every year ranging in age from 2nd grade through 11th grade. With 41 State Championships, 22 state runner-ups, over 140 National Tournament appearances, and 23 top ten finishes at Nationals, they have become one of the premier boys programs in the country! The boys program also features several non-travel teams to accommodate those developing players of the future.

In 2000 Greg Schaefer and Mike Buckle decided to start up the girls side of the program. Starting with just their one team at 13/u they took 3rd at state and went on to the National Tournament that year. In the girls short history, they had 4 State Championships,5 Runner-ups, and 26 National Tournament appearances, including a 9th place finish in 2005 at the 17/u age division. We had merged with another program but now are back and growing again. We have been back 3 years and have 11 teams already. The girls are continuing to grow to be one of not just Ohio's top programs, but a Nationally recognized program as well. We hope to field up to 15 teams this time next year and continue to add to their great tradition!

The Royals program takes pride not just in the great talent that has played in our program, but also in the quality of experienced coaching we offer. Each coach has much experience in teaching the fundamentals of the game at a very high level. As you will see on our website, our coaches carry strong resumes and provide our players with some of the best coaching in the state.

Nine years ago we also added our Cincy Kings program, which is a branch of our Royals program. This program was started for kids who don't make one of our top two teams or just can't make the commitment an AAU program requires. We started this because many kids were left aside having to go to other programs, pay $400 - 750 per player and get nothing in return.


With so many programs not having a winter season to offer this year we have decided to form a winter program. It will include 1-2 practices per week, 10 game league, a post season tourney, one additional tourney and our Christmas camp. Cost is $275 per player. If you are interested in coaching a team please email us at For this info  CLICK HERE  and to sign up use this REGISTRATION FORM. 



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