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About our Trainers

New I'm Possible Kids Program

KEVIN DUNCAN aka AIR KEV...has been training/coaching now for over 25 years. He has been certified with Micah Lancaster (I'm Possible Training) for 4 years. He has trained players throughout Ohio, other states and other countries: Denmark, Switzerland, Chile and Israel. He's also worked with the University of Kentucky/former NBA player Derek Anderson and has been a skill trainer for the Luke Kennard of the Detroit Piston's summer camp.


If you are looking to get your child training then click here to see what Air Kev has to offer.   



Venmo: @AirKev

Cash App: $airkev23


SPRING DRILLS N SKILLS - The Cincinnati Royals and Southwestern Ohio Basketball will be offering a program for players who are looking to improve the fundamentals of their game. This program has had over 5400 participants in the last ten years. It is eight weeks of intense ballhandling, skill development, and drills. This year we will be adding some new features to the program. You can attend all 8 weeks for $85, or pay as you go for $15/session if you cannot make every session. For more info on our Drills N Skills, please CLICK HERE.




Our Kids Learn How To Grasp Concepts And Skills From Ball Handling, To Footwork, To Mechanics, Coordination, Core Strength, Basketball Specific Athletic Traits, And More...The I'm Possible Way.


However, we feel our Kids Program is going to revolutionize the way young kids prepare for the game of basketball.

We don't use a single basket, and we will not take a single shot....This age doesn't need work at a basket. There's time for that later!

I'm Possible Kids focuses on their ball handling, their athleticism, their footwork, and the exact characteristics that will help them become better basketball players.

Too often, young kids are taught basic skills so they can succeed in local youth leagues at THAT age. 

We will not waste time teaching young kids how to do the most basic things, as that often cements in habits that will all need to be unlearned as they get older...

I'm Possible Kids focuses on giving young players skills and traits that will be useful at every level.

We will not offer a baby sitting experience, which leaves very little room for the group as a whole to improve...

We've learned that our youth are willing to work.  And because we know how to use innovation and fun challenges to motivate kids, the I'm Possible Kids program engages and shows them how fun training can really be while introducing them to concepts and skills they will need to make their dreams come true.

Bottom line, our kids have big dreams.  It's time we start training them at the level of those dreams and give them a true chance of enjoying this great game.

SUMMER CAMPS - Kevin Duncan – Kevin (Air Kev) has been training/coaching for over 25 years. And has been certified with Micah Lancaster for 5 yrs. (I'm Possible Training) He has trained players throughout Ohio and several other states, and players from countries like Denmark, Switzerland, Chile, and Israel. Kevin has also worked the Cav's Academy, former NBA player Derek Anderson's camps, and the Luke Kennard (Detroit Pistons) Overnight summer camps. This camp will feature individual instruction on the fundamentals of basketball including ball handling, passing, shooting, and footwork; individual skill and game enhancement including moving without the basketball; cutting & screening. All campers will also receive a camp t-shirt. There are 4 sessions to choose from, and the cost is $150 per session or $275 for 2. For more info on our summer camps, please CLICK HERE.






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